For fall semester and full year courses - Deadline has passed
For spring semester - TBD (January 2021)

The Triton College Dual Credit Program is a great opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, something that will potentially save you money in college tuition and help you advance more quickly toward a post-high school degree. You do not have to attend Triton College to benefit from dual credit. Many colleges and universities accept dual credit courses from Triton, and if you have specific questions about whether this is a good option for you, we encourage you to reach out to your counselor.  

Students who are eligible to enroll in the Triton College Dual Credit program should have received communication via their student email from the Office of Dual Credit at Triton College (a copy of the letter can be found here). The following courses that are eligible are listed below:
  oprfhs eligible dual credit courses
  Advanced Strength Training (Sakellaris, Reagan, Campbell, McLaughlin) - both first and second semester
  AP Calculus AB/BC (Kostal, Gajda)
  AP English Literature and Composition (Kinnan, Hunter, Lee (B), Heidkamp)
   AP Physics C (Cain, Kennedy)
  AP Statistics (Weisman, Gajda)
  Baking & Pastry (Belpedio) - both first and second semester
  Business Incubator (Prebble)
  Culinary Arts (Belpedio, Hornik, Ward, Morris) - both first and second semester
  Digital Electronics (Michalek)
  Fundamentals of Nursing (Thompson, Melgar-Hooks)
  Geoscience (Kramer)
  Introduction to Engineering Design (VenHorst)
  Introduction to Health Careers and Medical Terminology (Gunn)
  Introduction to Patient Care Skills (Thompson, Terretta)
  Introduction to Woodworking (Messer) - both first and second semester
  Mini-Restaurant  (Ward)
  Principles of Engineering (Michalek, VenHorst)
  Quant Lit/Trig (Gajda, O'Connor)
  RHT 101: Freshman Rhetoric & Comp (Gallagher) - second semester
  Sports Medicine I (Gunn) - second semester
Eligible dual credit courses and college prerequisites can be found on the OPRFHS Master List On-Campus CoursesPlease be advised that high school students who wish to enroll in a dual credit course must meet the same entrance requirements and application deadlines as college students.
Note: On the OPRFHS Master List of On-Campus Courses, please click the link under the “College Prerequisites” column to see what is needed to be eligible for the dual credit. If “None” is listed, that means that your student do not need to have ACT/SAT scores or take the Accuplacer to be eligible for the dual credit course.
  • Complete the Dual Credit Application. For step-by-step application instructions (for new students), please click here. For new students, under program you will be apply for, please select "DUAL CREDIT PROGRAM."
  • IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A TRITON ACCOUNT: Sign into your Triton online portal account to verify it has been submitted. If you do not know your online portal account, please contact Ms. Evans at levans@oprfhs.org.
After your student has completed the application process, OPRFHS and Triton’s Office of Dual Credit will take care of the rest including registration.  
  • If you have met the prerequisites through other placement measures (such as ACT or SAT scores, Transitional Math, or developmental education courses), we will forward over qualifying student placement measures to Triton’s Office of Dual Credit.
  • Before the start of the term, we will submit final rosters to Triton for their dual credit sections. These rosters will be used to register students to the corresponding Triton College course in which they will eligible to receive college credit. 
Due to placement testing limitations posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, students may meet most college level Math or English placement prerequisites with a 3.0 high school GPA by the start of junior year and successful completion of 1st and 2nd year high school Math and English courses. Qualifying high school transcripts may be submitted by high school counselor, dual credit liaison or student to the Office of Dual Credit for placement and registration.
  • If you don’t meet the placement prerequisites, you will need to complete all portions of the Triton College ACCUPLACER Placement Exam:
    • Placement testing is currently be conducted through remote proctoring online and appointments may be scheduled by clicking here (please read all directions and technical specifications carefully). For current hours of operation and practice materials, please visit our Testing Center webpage.
  • If you have met the prerequisites through other placement measures, (such as ACT or SAT scores, Transitional Math, or developmental education courses) your high school and the Office of Dual Credit will work together to have these connected to your Triton Student Account.
We encourage you to participate in our Dual Credit Program. If you have any questions, please contact your dual credit teacher; your counselor; Lisa Evans, Administrative Assistant (levans@oprfhs.org); or Sarah Wurster, Post-Secondary Pathways Coordinator (swurster@oprfhs.org).
Lisa Evans
Administrative Assistant   
Timothy Nystrom
Director of Dual Credit/Triton College   
708.456.0300, ext 3612