How To Be A Better Driver

How To Be A Better Driver

Wear a seat belt at all times, including when driving familiar roads. It increases a driver's chance of surviving a crash by 50 percent, and 75 percent of collision I; fatalities occur within 25 miles of motorists' homes.

Slow down.

Don't drive when impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Nearly 50 percent of fatal crashes involve alcohol.

Maintain a distance of two seconds' driving time between yourself and the vehicle a head of you, more than that at night, in poor weather or behind specialized vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles.

Scan the road in front of you, looking one or two blocks ahead in the city and to the horizon on Country roads and highways.

Check your rearview mirror every three to five seconds to stay alert to changing traffic conditions behind you.

If you see a problem driver- -swerving, tailgating etc.--- behind you, slow down enough to let that driver pass.

When crossing an intersection, check oncoming traffic on your left and traffic in the lanes to your right, then double-check your left side.

When passing, make certain you can see pavement between yourself and the other vehicle in your rearview mirror before re-entering the other driver's lane.

If your vehicle skids, turn the wheel in the direction you want the front of the car to go.

When changing lanes, check your rearview and side view mirrors, and then look over your shoulder to check your blind spot.

When turning left at an intersection, keep your wheels pointed forward until traffic from the opposite direction has cleared. If a car strikes you from behind, you'll only lurch forward. If your wheels are turned to the left, you could be pushed into oncoming traffic.

If a driver traveling toward you crosses into your lane, reduce speed and steer to your right. If you steer left and the driver swerves back into the correct lane, you could wind up in a collision.

If you have to drive off the road, aim for something soft, such as a bush. If you have to hit something hard, strike it with a glancing blow.