Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Room 276

Hours 7:30 to 3:15 daily


Students may use the drop-in lab during Study Halls or Lunch. However, students must have their student I.D. and check into the lab before the bell rings. A student MUST have a valid OPRFHS ID in order to utilize the lab during Study Hall or Lunch. Students MUST check in and be scanned into the lab prior to getting on any of the computers. Students coming to the Labs after the bell rings must have a Multi-Purpose Pass signed by a teacher/dean.

Expectations of drop-in students

  1. Must be in the lab with their I.D. before the bell rings, give I.D. to Lab Assistant, scanned in
  2. If student does NOT have their I.D., and return – they MUST have a pass from a teacher
  3. If student comes to lab after bell, must have PASS and I.D. in order to check into the lab
  4. Students must be quietly working on computers.
  5. NO GAMES, CHAT ROOMS, or visiting inappropriate sites
  6. NO CD players, headphones, cell phones, or hats