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Attendance line: (708) 434-3104
Email for questions or submitting an absence:

Consistent, daily classroom instruction with as few interruptions as possible provides the best foundation for students to reap the benefits of the learning environment. Students are expected to attend each class and study hall daily. Parents must contact the school when their child is absent. 

Attendance Awareness and Communications

Parents/guardians should be aware of their student’s attendance status at all times, both for safety reasons and because students are allowed only a certain number of unexcused absences before risking loss of credit (more info below). We strongly recommend monitoring attendance on Family Access daily. 

Parents/guardians will receive an email any day that attendance notations other than "present" were recorded for their child. If you've forgotten to excuse an absence, go to your Family Access account and excuse it before the deadline of 9 p.m. that day. Otherwise, no action is required unless you believe an attendance notation for your child is incorrect.  In such cases, contact the teacher directly, not the Attendance office staff.  Only the teacher can correct an error. 

Contact the Attendance office if you notice an error that was made after contacting Attendance to excuse an absence or entering an excusal in Family Access.

Village Ordinance

Under the School Code of Illinois, it is unlawful for any person over the age of five (5) and under the age of eighteen (18) who is enrolled in any public or parochial school to be present in any public place, building, street, or assembly in the Village of Oak Park, other than school, while school is in session during the regular school term. A police officer may stop and detain a person whom the officer reasonably suspects to be violating this ordinance. Any student violating this ordinance shall, if practical, be taken to school authorities or a parent/guardian and may be issued a notice to appear in the municipal court.

Reporting an Absence