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Hear it from a Huskie Podcast

Dr. Laurie Fiorenza, assistant superintendent for student learning, hosts a podcast to showcase OPRFHS faculty making an impact.

Episode 01: Women in Business | YouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Matt Prebble and Cristin Lombardi from the #oprfhs business department join Dr. Fiorenza to discuss their efforts to increase the enrollment of female-identifying students in business education classes.

Episode 02: Assistive TechnologyYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Assistive Technology Coordinator Lisa Vincent speaks with Dr. Fiorenza about the use of assistive technology at #oprfhs.

Episode 03: Mind, Body, FitnessYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Physical Education teacher Jenn Kanwischer speaks with Dr. Fiorenza about a new #oprfhs course: Mind, Body, Fitness.

Episode 04: Reflection CenterYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Dr. Fiorenza speaks with Reflection Center Coordinator Lyneice Lush to learn more about how students can get the most out of their time in the Reflection Center at #oprfhs.

Episode 05: Spoken WordYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Spoken Word instructor Adam Levin speaks with Dr. Fiorenza about the history of spoken word instruction at #oprfhs and how it benefits students. He is joined by students Ashley Brown and Anabel Govea, who share their poetry and describe the impact spoken word has made on them.

Episode 06: College and Trade School Entrance GuideYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Transition Specialist Lee Williams joins Dr. Fiorenza to discuss the College and Trade School Entrance Guide, a resource that he developed to give #oprfhs students and their families insight into how to successfully transition into the college and trade school settings.

Episode 07: Executive Functioning/Study SkillsYouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Executive Functioning and Skills Support Instructor Cindy Wong joins Dr. Fiorenza to discuss the Executive Functioning and Study Skills course at #oprfhs.

Episode 08: Equitable Grading Practices | YouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Dr. Fiorenza discuss equitable grading practices at #oprfhs with English teachers Velia Del Fiacco and Melissa Godinez.

Episode 09: Engagement Through a Growth Mindset | YouTube or audio file

  • In this episode: Dr. Fiorenza discusses engagement through a growth mindset with #oprfhs art teachers Tracy Van Duinen and Mark Collins.

Episode 10: Motivational Mentorship | YouTube or audio file

  • Brianna Burton shares her vision for the Motivational Mentorship student resource program and its benefits with Dr. Fiorenza. We discover what led Burton to become a leader in mentorship and learn how students can get involved with the program.

Episode 11: Environmental Club | YouTube or audio file

  • Poppy Booth and Connor Czerniawski from the Environmental Club share their recent activities, discuss collaborating with the district on sustainability policies, reflect on the club's growth, and explain how everyone can participate.

Episode 12: Trauma Informed School Intervention | YouTube or audio file

  • Curtis Diggs details his role in assisting students and staff as the Trauma Informed School Interventionist. He outlines his position, shares strategies to support those affected by trauma, and explains how to recognize its signs.