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Wellness is a top priority at OPRFHS and the Wellness Committee, comprised of administrators, the school nurse, parents, teachers, food service staff and, of course, students is dedicated to the overall wellness of those within our district.  The committee has set many goals for the 2016-2017 school year, some of which have already been accomplished.  These goals are divided into three categories:  Nutrition Education in the Building, Physical Activity and Nutrition of Food Available in the Building.

Goal: Nutrition Education in the Building

  • Nutrition Education brochures will be distributed at school-run functions.

  • A display case in the building features Nutrition and Wellness information.

  • The Food and Consumer Science Class has taken a tour of the kitchen to observe the staff preparing nutritious meals.

  • Dietetic Interns have been available to meet with faculty to answer their nutrition related questions.

Goal: Physical

  • The gym will be open during lunch periods in the spring for students wishing to exercise.

  • More than one hundred students are using the weight room after school.

  • Multiple intramural programs are active at OPRFHS.

  • Nutrition and Wellness topics have been presented to the Girls’ Wellness Class as well as the Advanced Sports Nutrition Class.

Goal: Nutrition of Food Available in the Building

  • In partnership with the Food and Consumer Science Class, a guest chef joins students in the Food Service Kitchen to prepare nutritious foods.

  • The Food Service Program has increased the amounts of locally grown produce in meals; items grown in the school garden have also been incorporated in greater amounts.

  • All menu boards in the cafeterias now show not only what is being served, but also display the nutritional content of each offering.

  • Participate in the National Apple Crunch Day which is on October 13.