Health Requirements & Forms

Immunization Requirement For Incoming 9th Graders:

Administration of Medications

Students may not possess or consume any medications, including over-the-counter medications, without the express written orders of a physician. Designated faculty and staff members will administer all medications to students during school hours and during school-sponsored activities. Parents should make every effort to give prescribed doses of medication at home. Medication will only be administered when it is necessary to maintain the student in school. A new Medication Authorization form must be submitted to the school at the beginning of each school year.

Medication Authorization Form  

Meningococcal Vaccine Requirement:

Per Illinois Department of Public Health Administrative Code, all students “entering the 12th grade shall show proof of receiving two doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV), unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose after 16 years of age is required.” " Proof of meningococcal vaccination must be submitted by October 15th of the student's 12th grade year.

Please click on the link below for the letter from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

IDPH Meningococcal Requirement Letter  

Meningococcal Vaccine Information Sheet  

Physical Exam and Immunization Requirements

Illinois state law requires each student to have a physical examination performed by a licensed health care provider (MD, DO, APN or PA).  State law also requires evidence of state-required vaccinations as outlined in the document below.  The School Code Section 665.120 of Illinois provides for an exclusion from school for students not in compliance with health requirements.  Students may not attend classes at Oak Park and River Forest High School until the health examination and immunization records are on file and in compliance with the regulations outlined in the documents below.

Health Exam and Immunization Requirements 

Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination

Proof of physical examination dated no earlier than one year prior to a student entering 9th grade, for all students entering the district for the first time, and for all students entering the district from outside Illinois is required by the State of Illinois.  Many area physician’s offices have state approved electronic forms that are accepted by the district.  Otherwise, the form below is the only other form that will be accepted for a school physical.  Guidelines for proper completion of the State form are outlined below.

Child Health Examination Form  
Child Health Examination Guidelines  

Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption

As of October 16, 2015, parents or guardians requesting a religious exemption from immunizations must submit the Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption form.  This form is to be signed by the child’s physician as well as the parent.  This is required in lieu of vaccination record to begin classes at OPRF.

Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption Form  

Illinois State Mandated Vision Screening Notice

Vision screening will be done, as state mandated, for all Special Education students and all students transferring into Oak Park and River Forest High School for the first time.  Vision screening is not a substitute for a complete eye and vision evaluation by an eye doctor.  Students are not required to undergo vision screening if an optometrist or ophthalmologist has completed and signed a report form indicating that an examination has been administered within the last 12 months and that evaluation is on file at the school.  This notice is not permission to test, and permission is not required to be returned.  Parents may opt out with a written notice to the school. 

Immunization Data

Public Act 097-0910 requires that on or before December 1 of each year, every public school district and registered non-public school shall make publicly available the immunization data they are required to submit to the State Board of Education by November 15.

OPRFHS 2020 Immunization Report

OPRFHS 2019 Immunization Report