The Mathematics Division is committed to offering courses that allow students to satisfy and exceed school and state graduation requirements, as well as to build a rich understanding and appreciation of mathematics. Because math is vital to the development of thinking and questioning minds, the division offers opportunities for all students to discover and appreciate mathematical ideas. There are classes available to students of all abilities and grades, as well as opportunities to advance within the math sequence. Mathematics is vital to students leaving high school to enter college, the work force, or any future aspirations. Courses range from algebra through calculus, with statistics and computer science as additional options. The Mathematics Division wants to help students to stretch to their fullest potential, so that they can become independent learners, adept at using technology, and be comfortable in future mathematical endeavors.

The Texas Instrument TI-Nspire or TI-84 are now allowed as the required calculator for Mathematics

Incoming Freshman look here for the Math Placement presentation:

Freshman Math placement presentation