District 200 to vote against arming staff in Illinois schools

At the annual meeting of the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) on Nov. 23, District 200 Board delegate Gina Harris will vote on behalf of the Board against a resolution that would give local school districts the option of allowing trained staff members to carry firearms at school. 

The D200 Board discussed the IASB resolution at its October regular meeting. Members expressed a variety of reasons why any resolution that would allow a school district in Illinois to have the option to arm staff was contrary to the values of our community and school district. These included an increased risk of fatalities in schools where weapons are permitted, the susceptibility of even well trained personnel to make poor judgments under stress, and the fact that OPRF students visit other schools for matches and events.  Ms. Harris summarized the discussion by saying, “Having a gun in a building where there are students is a big no.”