Further info on e-learning days + third quarter grades

Dear OPRF Community, 

First, I want to thank our students and families for working with us as we implemented our first e-learning day today. From my perspective as both a district administrator and a parent at OPRF, I’ve been pleased to see that even in these extreme circumstances, we are still able to provide learning experiences for the students in our community. 

I’m writing to update you on two items: e-learning guidelines, and the conclusion of our third quarter marking period. 

Regarding E-Learning Days
We have received new guidance from the governor’s office regarding e-learning days starting tomorrow, March 17, through Monday, March 30, and this guidance changes our approach. So please take time to read this email carefully.

Last Friday, Governor Pritzker declared that any student attendance days from March 17 through March 30 would be treated as an “act of god” according to our state code. This designation essentially means two things: Our students do not have to make up these days, and they do not count as student attendance days. This results in a few significant changes to our plans:

  1. Because “act of god” days do not count as student attendance days, we cannot take student attendance on these days, nor are we permitted to give grades for students’ work. 
  2. We are, however, encouraged by the state to provide e-learning during “act of god” days. As a result, we will still be providing and monitoring student instructional activities throughout the remainder of this week, and on March 30. It’s important that learning continues throughout this time, so we strongly encourage students to log in every day to stay engaged in their coursework.
  3. Finally, one note of clarity: Today, March 16, is not an “act of god” day. As a result, the activities your student completed today may be graded and entered into Skyward

Please continue to look for guidance from us in the coming days. I want to stress that the guidelines above apply only to “act of god” days. If our days out of school continue past March 30th, and the governor permits e-learning days that are NOT “act of god” days, the original guidelines we established last week will go back into effect.

Regarding Third Quarter Grades
We realize many students still need time to complete work, retake assessments, and make up missing work from third quarter. As a result, we have decided to delay the grading timeline by providing students one week following our return to school to complete any outstanding assignments/assessments. We do, however, encourage students to take this time to communicate with teachers, and if able, complete any missing work. 

Take care,

Greg Johnson
Associate Superintendent