May 12 update on grades and incompletes

May 12, 2020

Dear OPRF Students and Families,

As we prepare to end the school year, I want to update you on a significant change regarding incomplete grades. 

Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve heard from students, parents, and teachers about the emotional and academic impact of remote learning on all of us. Students are expressing anxiety, depression, grief, and frustration. These feelings often are accompanied by an inability to engage fully in remote learning, which then adds to the anxiety of watching incomplete assignments multiply.

After deep consideration, we have decided the following: Any student who earned a passing grade for 3rd quarter will do no worse than receive that grade for the semester. They will not be eligible for incompletes. 

Here are additional details: 

  • A student with a passing grade 3rd quarter will receive a semester letter grade that is equal to or higher than that grade. 
  • Incompletes may be given only to students who had an F for 3rd quarter and who also did not improve that grade throughout remote learning. In the case of seniors,  incompletes may be given only to students who also were not on track to graduate.
  • Teachers will submit logs detailing the reason for any incompletes, and what supports and contacts were made along the way.
  • For any incompletes, students can make them up as usual, during summer school or by the end of first quarter next school year. 
  • If not resolved by the end of first quarter next year, any remaining incompletes will turn to NCs, and the student will not receive credit for that class.

Following tomorrow night’s Board meeting, when the Board needs to approve changes in graduation requirements, we’ll have more information specifically for seniors. 

Through the end of the school year, teachers will continue to assign meaningful work that will help students be prepared for the next level of coursework. Learning and growth are still possible between now and the end of the school year! 

Like all such decisions, we understand that there will be some of you who disagree. But we believe that now is the time to err on the side of relaxing the pressures on our students and families. Thank you for your understanding and for your support.


Dr. Joylynn Pruitt-Adams