Important COVID learning changes

Dear Families and Staff,

We know that being out for isolation or quarantine due to COVID is stressful. To help alleviate concerns about keeping up with classes, beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 15, students with COVID-related absences will be able to observe classes from home via Zoom or Google Meet during their assigned class periods. 

To provide additional support to students with COVID-related absences,  access to a remote instruction facilitator will be available during their study hall and/or lunch periods daily. Instructions on how to access these services will be emailed to students after they have been notified they need to isolate or quarantine.

Because the state does not allow fully remote or hybrid instruction this year, the option to observe classes via Zoom has certain restrictions. Please keep in mind the following: 

  • Only students who are in isolation because they have COVID-19 or are in quarantine due to COVID exposure will be allowed to observe their classes.
  • Students who are absent for any other reasons are not permitted to use this option.
  • Students may only observe the class. They are not allowed to participate in discussions or ask questions during class.
  • Observation may not be available during a particular class due to field trips, testing, etc.
  • The Zoom or  Google Meet link is available in each teacher’s Google classroom.
  • To be admitted from the Zoom/Meet waiting room, students must log in within five minutes from the start of class.
  • Students must follow the bell schedule to observe their classes; teachers will not repeat the class later.
  • Students are not permitted to record classes.
  • Students must follow school expectations on appropriate behavior as they observe.

We hope this enhancement to instruction for students with COVID-related absences is helpful as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic. 


Dr. Laurie Fiorenza
Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning