AP Exam Registration 2022-2023

Tuesday, Nov. 1, is the on-time registration deadline for AP exams. The following three steps are required for registration:

  1. Sign in to your student College Board account here. Create a College Board account if you don't have one. Join each of your AP classes in your My AP College Board account by using the join code provided by your teachers (AP online classroom join code).
  2. Indicate whether or not you will be taking the exam by indicating “yes” or “no” after you have joined the class. You must complete this step for an exam to be ordered for you.
  3. Pay for your exam(s) in Total Registration. Follow the prompts to indicate both the AP courses you are taking this year and the exams you wish to take. Any exam fees will be paid online so be sure to have a debit card or credit card available before beginning registration. Each AP exam costs $110.

Visit the OPRFHS AP webpage for more information or reach out to Mrs. Kimberly Asbury at kasbury@oprfhs.org.