Audition Information

Auditions for the Orchesis Dance Company happen once a year, for both seasons, in early September (always the week after Labor Day). Dancers wanting to participate in both the Fall and Spring show must show up to this ONE audition. WE WILL NOT RE/AUDITION DANCERS IN THE SPRING! 

The updated audition process will consist of:

  • One Day: Students will learn a phrase by the director and then audition.

The older audition process consisted of:

  • Day One: Students will learn a phrase by the director
  • Day Two: Break up into groups and choreograph your own phrases
  • Day Three: The actual audition

Please be prompt! 

Orchesis Dance Profile:
  • Must have intermediate to advance level of training in dance
  • Must be versatile in all dance styles
  • Must have knowledge of dance vocabulary
  • Must show an interest in composition and choreography
  • Must demonstrate dedication and commitment to all meetings, rehearsals, and shows.

See the Orchesis Contract for more details....