Instructional Materials Fee FAQ

How is the fee determined?
The $268 Instructional Materials Fee is set by determining the District cost of purchasing and providing all instructional materials divided by the number of students.

What’s covered by the Instructional Materials Fee?
The fee covers all instructional materials for all courses during both semesters of the school year. Specifically, here’s what the $268 fee per student includes:

  • District-loan textbooks (checked out to individual students. They must be returned at the end of the year by publicized deadlines to avoid replacement and late return charges.)
  • Paperback books and workbooks (students keep)
  • Course article packet handouts (students keep)
  • Initial art and photo supply kits (students keep)
  • Lab kits (students keep)

The items NOT included are:

  • PE uniforms
  • Calculators (remember, all incoming freshmen should purchase a TI-Inspire CX, TI 83+ or  84+ calculator updated 2016-17)
  • Locks
  • Replacement of lost books, art and photo supplies
  • Purchase of additional art and photo supplies as needed throughout the year
  • Personal school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, etc.)

What is the separate District Fee for?
The District Fee covers such items as IDs, registration, transcripts, standardized testing, PE towel fees, Commencement, Driver Education, and more.

Can I avoid the fee by ordering/buying books from other sources?
No. There is no opt-out option. Families must pay the fee for each student enrolled at OPRFHS on or off campus.

What if we can’t afford to pay the fee?
Families can apply for annual District Fee and Book Fee Waivers. (Families must reapply each year.) Details on who qualifies, how to apply, and the necessary forms are available by clicking here

Please note: families who – through the state -- already qualify for and receive TANF/food stamp benefits delivered to the student’s parent/guardian at an Oak Park or River Forest address automatically qualify for the waiver. The school receives notification of your eligibility directly from the state. Others may bring in the necessary documentation to apply for the District waiver and determine eligibility.

We don’t qualify for a waiver. What other payment options do we have?
The Bookstore offers payment plans, please call (708) 434-3940. All previous year’s obligations must be paid before setting up a payment plan for 2016-2017. Families can setup a payment plan to cover IMF and drivers ED as a sophomore, broken down in eight installments due monthly from August through March.  Arrangements must be made through the Bookstore by the parent/guardian. The District Fee and Technology fee must be paid in full when setting up the payment plan; along with a minimum down payment for the IMF/Drivers ED.

Are there discounts for multiple children?
No. The $268 fee is per student.

What books will my student have to return at the end of the school year?
Students will have to return to the Bookstore all of the textbooks that were checked out to them by the publicized deadlines. Families will be charged a $5 late fee per book, plus the replacement cost of each book that is not returned by the deadline. If the student does not clean out their locker by the last day of finals each year and a textbook is found in the locker, you will be charged an additional $5 locker clean out fee.

What other materials can they return?
The other materials are theirs to keep and cannot be returned for credit.

What will happen if they annotate or damage their textbook?
Students will be billed the replacement cost of the textbook if they annotate, highlight, or damage the textbook in any way. BEFORE paying for a billed textbook, please be sure to call the Bookstore (708-434-3940) before paying the charge for alternative methods of replacing the lost/damaged textbook. Teachers will be providing alternative strategies to annotation in textbooks. 

What are you going to do for students who get two sets of books via IEP or 504?
The Chromebook will be considered the first set of books if there is an online option. If not, then a textbook will be checked out to you initially, and then within 2 weeks of the start of school, your student will receive their 2nd set without charge. 

What happens when students lose books/Chromebook during school year?
The student should immediately come to the Bookstore to see if their textbook or novel has been received. If a textbook, we will be happy to check out another as long as it is available, but the student will now be responsible for both books. If they lost a novel or other consumable item, they would have to pay for a replacement copy. If their Chromebook is lost or stolen, IMMEDIATELY contact the Help Desk at 434-3737. 

Are teachers going to be able to add additional materials during the year? Change their syllabi?

The fee will cover ALL instructional materials assigned for the year.