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Physical Education Division

Mr. Clay Reagan, Division Head, 708.434.3250,

The State of Illinois requires each student to participate in daily physical education, and the study must be a part of the regular school curriculum.  The District requires that each student successfully complete seven semesters of Physical Education. The OPRFHS Physical Education program requires that all students participate in the following curriculum in order to experience a well-balanced program: Adventure Education, aquatics, dance, fitness, individual sport, team sport, and racket sport.

Freshmen and sophomores will have a core curriculum selected for them during the first two years. In most cases, freshmen will meet the swim, dance, fitness, and individual sport requirements in the first year. Sophomores should satisfy the second swim, the team sport, and the Adventure Education requirement in the second year. Generally, juniors and seniors have the option of selecting courses during their final two years but may be placed in a class needed to fulfill the above requirements. Students who receive a PE exemption need one additional elective credit for each exemption - 1 credit = 1 semester.

Note: Grades in Physical Education courses except for Health Education are excluded from the GPA.


Mr. Dan Kleinfeldt, Department Head, 708.434.3253,

Driver Education is a one-semester course that meets daily. Students must be at least 15 years old by the beginning of the course. Under Illinois law, students must have passed at least eight classes in the previous calendar year to be eligible to participate in any of the phases of Driver Education. Students automatically will be scheduled into Driver Education according to their eligibility, with priority being given to the older students starting with seniors, juniors, and sophomores (oldest to youngest within each grade). If age prohibits a qualified student from being scheduled into Driver Education, that student will have to register to take Driver Education during first or second semester of the following year or during summer school. Thirty hours of class work in Driver Education is a graduation requirement. All students must pass tests on the rules of the road, signs, and vision before qualifying for instruction. A lab fee is assessed each time a student takes the course.

Under Illinois law, a student must successfully complete a Driver Education course in order to drive under the age of 18 years. It is also a prerequisite for receiving a rate discount on auto insurance from most companies. Upon successful completion of the Driver Education course, students will receive an informational letter from the Driver Education Department describing the procedure to obtain a driver’s license. Upon receipt of this letter, students will be eligible to appear at the Secretary of State’s office with their 50-hour sheet to obtain a license. Successful completion of driver education will provide insurance discounts and the privilege of taking the driving test under the legal age of 18 years.