General Information

We encourage all of our students to participate in a Summer Enrichment Experience, while attending OPRFHS. Summer enrichment experiences and learning opportunities allow our students to engage in project-based learning, inquiry, peer and adult collaboration, skill development and exploration, outside of the academic school-year. Our students can participate in school-sponsored experiences and experiences offered by entities outside of OPRFHS. Both types of experiences positively support student growth and development and contribute to renewed and continuous success, during the school-year.

It is our goal to help students identify an experience and, if needed, obtain the funding and support they need to participate. We have partnered with gracious and generous donors who are committed to helping us provide valuable and life-changing experiences for ALL of our students. If a student wants to participate, we will do what we can to make that happen!!

Take a look at the information provided, check the application deadlines, and APPLY TODAY!!