The Community Integration Transition Education (C.I.T.E) program at OPFHS is an outcome based program focused on facilitating students independence in their home and community through direct teaching of life skills. CITE creates a seamless transition from high school to post-school activities so that a student may successfully participate in their community as an adult. The focus is on age-appropriate skills and activities in natural settings to the greatest extent possible. The Program is individualized for students based on their goals.

The CITE program focuses on the following overarching areas of functional academics including: Independent Living, Consumer Skills, Domestic, Social/Recreational, Self-advocacy, Adult Services/Connections, and Vocational skills The CITE program consists of 4 teachers and 12 teaching assistants.  Occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, and speech and language therapy are provided through direct and consultation service and are based on the therapist evaluations and the recommendation of the multidisciplinary team.

The CITE Program also includes access to the transition and vocational education services. These services are provided to support and prepare students for life after high school and navigating the community.

Oak Park and River Forest High School -Department of Special Education

Program Chair

Fawn Joyce

Executive Director of Special Education

 Shalema Francois-Blue

Assistant Director of Special Education

Dr. Lesley Roberts