Development of IEP

Student-Centered Planning

Each student’s individualized Transition program and weekly schedules will be based on the goals and objectives written into their most current Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Student-centered planning strategies will be used to increase the involvement of the student and family in the process of developing the IEP.  To the greatest extent possible, the interests of the student/family will be incorporated into the goals and objectives, as this will increase the likelihood of student success and a smoother transition into post-school activities. During their computer literacy class, the students will prepare for their IEP by putting together a PowerPoint presentation for the Annual Review or Reevaluation meeting.

Family Involvement

In addition to planning, students/families are primary implementers of the IEP goals and objectives.  Practicing and carrying out IEP goals and objectives in the students/families natural setting provides maximum opportunity for both hands on and real life trials, which typically carry the greatest impact for memorization of long term skills.   Family involvement may include assisting in the development of weekly schedule activities, implementing goals/objectives in the home environment, efforts in expanding social opportunities outside the school environment communicating frequently with Transition staff (e.g., input, suggestions, question, concerns), and assuming a primary role in developing linkages to adult services and agencies.     

Transition Planning

6.1   Resources

Beginning at age 14, we encourage families to begin thinking about life after high school. At IEP meetings for students at their senior year and over, we like to have a transition specialist at meetings.  Alessandra Arreola from Seguin Services and Dominique Dial from DHS have been wonderful resources in providing guidance for transition. We will continue to have a variety of parent nights each month covering many transition topics throughout the year. Please attend them!