Transitional Education with Access to the Mainstream

The TEAM program is designed to prepare students with mild, moderate, and severe intellectual disabilities, to live and work in the home communities. The major goal of the program is to maximize independence for successful integration into the mainstream of community life.

The TEAM program supports the philosophy that the Individual Education Plan (IEP) of each student dictates the range/level of service required. Through a multidisciplinary approach and with parental involvement, students are educated in their least restrictive environment.

The OPRF TEAM teachers work collaboratively with general education teachers, therapists, administration, parents and students to provide a free and appropriate public education to any student with a disability who is determined to be eligible for special education programs and/or services based upon individual students’ needs as determined by each student’s IEP. The TEAM staff believes that students learn in a variety of ways, at different paces and need flexibility to be successful. Through the variety of special education services and programs offered, we hope our students will develop positive skills and habits that will enhance their ability to be successful after high school.