Over our 11+ years, we have been very fortunate to receive a great deal of financial support from the Oak Park/River Forest High School Board of Education and Administration, as well as from Senator Don Harmon.  

We raise the bulk of our club budget through ticket sales to our three Showcases.  We have also received donations from parents and alumni.


Here is where your donations will go:

  • Paying for writing camps for students who cant afford tuition
  • Paying entry fees for writing and performance competitions
  • Paying entry fees for off-campus poetry events
  • Creation of Showcase dvds and chapbooks
  • Hiring alumni to help with the Showcase process
  • Hiring professional poets to work with club members
  • Help bring British poets over for the Fall Showcase
  • Hiring the dj and special guests for Showcases


Thanks, in advance, for your contributions.

With Gratitude,

Peter Kahn
Spoken Word Club Founder and co-Sponsor