Extra-Curricular Activities 

Numerous opportunities are provided for students to meet new people and to enrich their educational experiences through participation in clubs, activities, and athletic competition. Go to 
www.oprfhs.org/activities to explore out extra-curricular catalog. Questions regarding clubs and activities should be directed to the Director of Students Activities. Questions regarding athletics should be directed to the Athletic Director.  

Clubs and Activities 

A Place for All (Gay Straight Alliance)  Computer Programming Club  French Club 
Adventure Ed Club  Cosmology Club  Freshman Class Council 
Anime Creative Writing Club  Friendship Bracelet Making Club 
Art Club  Crest (Literary Magazine) *  German Club 
ASPIRA (Latin Leadership Club)  Debate Team  Gospel Choir & Gospel Dance (Harmony) 
Best Buddies  Drama Club  Graphic Design Club 
Black Leader’s Union (BLU)  Environmental Club  Healthy Youth Peer Educators (HYPE) 
Business Club  Ethics Bowl  Hip Hop Club 
Chemistry Club  FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America  History Club 
Chess Team  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (non-School Sponsored)  Huskie Athletic Council 
Chinese Cultural Society  FREE Huskie Helpers 
Huskie Spirit Council  Orchesis *  Student Advocating for Equity (SAFE) 
International Club  Pan Asian Leadership Society (PALS)  Student Council 
Intramurals  Pep Band  Students in Service 
Japanese club  Photography Club  Studio 200 * 
Jazz Band II *  Robotics  Synchronized Swim Team 
Jewish Student Connection  Scholastic Bowl  Table Tennis Club 
JSA Science Fiction & Fantasy Club  Tau Gamma 
Little Theatre Plays (4 per Year)  Science Olympiad  Stage Crew 
Make Up, Theatrical  Shakespeare Performance & Competition Club  Ultimate Frisbee Club 
Marching Band & Flags  Show Choir (Note Worthy)  Vegetarian Club 
Metalworking Club  Sign Language Club  Video Game Club 
Mock Trial  Snowball Leaders  Vocal Jazz Ensembles 
Movie Critics Club  Spanish Club  Wheel Throwing/Empty Bowls 
MSAN Speech Team  Women in Leadership 
Musical Review Club  Spoken Word  Youth, Action and Civics (YAC) 
One Acts  Sports Medicine Club  Youth Conference 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q:   Do I have to join a club? 
A:   No, it is not mandatory to join a club. However, it is our goal that every student be involved in at least one club, activity or athletic team. Most students are involved in more than one extra-curricular activity. We also understand you may participate in extra-curricular activities outside of school. Please let us know if you do. 


Q:    How do I find out about clubs and activities, when they meet, and how to get involved?
A:   There are many ways to get connected with activities at OPRF.

  • Explore the OPRFHS Extracurricular Catalog at www.oprfhs.org/activities.
  • Go to the Student Activity Office to ask for information about club meetings, times and dates.
  • Many clubs inform students about upcoming meetings and events in the Daily Bulletin, which is emailed to students daily.
  • Follow @oprfactivities on Instagram to stay well informed!


Q:   If I did not join a club in the Fall or first semester, is it too late? 

A: No! Most clubs and activities are open to students all year. Most clubs have open door policies, and welcome members at any time, even if you cannot be there every week.


Q:  How do I make time to get involved in clubs and activities? I want to be sure to focus on my schoolwork.

A: Absolutely, schoolwork is number one, but getting involved fosters a sense of belonging, networking and time management that creates even better academic success. In fact, research shows that students who are engaged in extracurricular activities actually do better in school. The benefits are many.


Extra-Curricular Information 

Students involved in extracurricular programs are visible representatives of Oak Park and River Forest High School. It is crucial that a strong link between good citizenship and opportunities for participation be maintained. Students must follow the school's attendance policy or forfeit the right to participate in extracurricular activities. If a student is absent from more than 3 classes (not including lunch) on the day of a competition or event, he or she is ineligible to participate. 

Whenever two or more school events in which a student is a participant are scheduled for the same time, the student has an obligation to notify all teachers, coaches or sponsors affected by the conflict of their decision prior to the scheduled events. A student who receives ISR (in-school reflection), or OSS (out of school suspension) for any violation of the Behavior Education Plan while an active member of any school organization or extracurricular athletic team is ineligible to participate during the suspension period. The student may not participate in practice, competition, or student activities during the ineligibility period. 

Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct 

Participating in the extra- curricular program is a privilege. Oak Park & River Forest High School administrators, coaches, and teachers believe students who are involved in extracurricular activities should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of their school and community. Students who represent their school are expected to maintain high standards of conduct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Parents and school staff share the responsibility for helping students adhere to these standards. Participants in the extracurricular program have a responsibility to adhere to the policies established by Oak Park & River Forest High School District 200, the West Suburban Conference and the Illinois High School Association. The parent/guardian will be notified of the student’s violation. A student found in violation of the Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct may receive consequences up to and including dismissal from the team/activity. Such violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Use or possession of alcohol, tobacco products and/or controlled/illegal substances
  • Being present at an underage party or activity where illegal drugs or alcohol are available
  • Violations of academic integrity and ethics
  • Violations of the OPRFHS Behavior Education Plan
  • Any criminal offense or conduct or activity which is detrimental to OPRFHS or the Extra-Curricular Program

A student who is suspended for an alcohol or illegal substance violation will be required to meet with the OPRFHS Prevention and Wellness Coordinator or their Social Worker to determine a course of action. If a student is in violation of a criminal offense or sexual harassment the student may be dismissed from the extracurricular program for up to one calendar year. 
All Extra-Curricular Programs participants are expected to abide by the Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct including: 

Best Buddies Officers  Model UN  Student Council Officers 
Black Leaders Union  MSAN Synchronized Swim 
Crest Multi-Cultural Leadership  TEAM
Ethics Bowl  Musical Theatre Cast  Women in Leadership 
FCCLA Next Up  Youth, Activism & civics 
Fr. Class Council Officers  Orchesis IHSA Clubs: 
Gospel Choir  Robotics - Chess Team
HYPE Shakespeare Competition  - Debate Team
Jazz Band II  Show Choir  - Math Team
Little Theatre Plays  Snowball Leaders  - Speech Team
Marching Band & Flags  Spoken Word  - Scholastic Bowl
Mock Trial  Stage Crew   


* All Interscholastic Sports

* All Presidents or Captains of Clubs

* Any other club as seen fit by the club Sponsor or Admin

What are the consequences of a Code of Conduct Violation? 

1st Offense: The advisor in conjunction with the Director of Student Activities or Athletic Director will make a decision on the appropriate consequence based upon each unique circumstance. The student may miss up to 25% of their competition/performance season. 

2nd Offense: The student may be dismissed from the extracurricular activity for up to one calendar year. Additional consequences may be issued. 

3rd Offense: The student will be suspended for one year from extracurricular activities and may be prohibited from participating for the remainder of the student’s high school career. 


Attendance Regulations 

Students are expected to attend four (4) Class periods in order to attend the after-school activity.


Appeals Procedure 

The student has the right to appeal any extracurricular consequence. This would be an opportunity to present extenuating circumstances that he/she believes could affect the consequences that have been administered. 


The Appeals Procedure is as follows: 

  • The student or parent/guardian must appeal in writing within three (3) days of receipt of the written decision. This appeal must be directed to the Office of the Principal. The Assistant Superintendent/Principal will review and determine if an appeal is warranted.
  • If an appeal is granted, the Assistant Superintendent/Principal, parent/guardian, and student will meet. The student must be present at the appeal meeting. The Assistant Superintendent/Principal, in conjunction with the Athletic or Activity Director, will make the final decision on any appeal.
  • If a decision is appealed, every effort will be made to hear the appeal in a timely manner. However, the student may NOT participate in competitions/performances that are part of the consequence during the duration of the appeal.