Keys to Academic Success

Develop a positive approach to school 

  • Write down assignments immediately in your daily planner
  • Notify your Counselor if you are going to be absent more than two days so that you may have homework sent to you
  • Take advantage of the variety of extra-curricular activities that the school offers
  • Plan time for self-care

Develop good study habits 

  • Take advantage of study halls and study time at home to complete homework
  • Study in a quiet location with plenty of room to work and sufficient light
  • Study at a regular time each day
  • Review the work of each subject regularly throughout the term
  • Keep an organized notebook or binder
  • Avoid cramming for tests and exams
  • Devote extra time to difficult subjects
  • Keep track of your grades
  • Anticipate possible questions for tests and prepare answers
  • Use the Student Resource Center (SRC) for tutoring and library services
  • Stay in communication with your teachers

Begin to think about your future goals 

  • Visit the Career and College Center in Room 2135 and become familiar with the resources that describe college and career options, including Naviance
  • Read the brochures and pamphlets that are available to you
  • Discuss your career interests with your counselor and teachers
  • Check your school email daily