Mission, Vision and Values

An enthusiastic student body, dedicated and professional staff, and outstanding facilities have combined to create a school that lives up to its motto: “Those Things That are Best.” 


Excellence ……. Our Tradition 
Diversity ……. Our Strength 



Oak Park and River Forest High School provides a dynamic, supportive learning environment that cultivates knowledge, skills, and character and strives for equity and excellence for all students. 


Oak Park and River Forest High School will become an ever-improving model of equity and excellence that will enable all students to achieve their full potential.  


  • We believe all students are capable of high levels of academic and social success.
  • We embrace our diversity and believe race, income, gender, and learning differences should not predict success.
  • We believe trusting, collaborative relationships and strong communication establish a safe and respectful school community.
  • We believe an excellent educational environment cultivates curiosity, imagination, character, leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • We believe in allocating resources in equitable, transparent, and purposeful ways.
  • We believe in adult learning and leadership that supports equity and excellence for all students.
  • We believe in providing academic and social supports.

Welcoming Community/Safety Zone Resolutions 

Oak Park and River Forest High School has joined the growing number of cities, communities, and villages in the Building Welcoming Communities Campaign and has passed a resolution declaring District 200 a Safe Zone. Please refer to our website for the full resolution which states Oak Park and River Forest High School will serve as a safe haven for immigrant/refugee students, faculty and staff.  

Though this is a unique public institution, Oak Park and River Forest High School exists in the context of larger entities whose tenets must apply: The Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Illinois, the Second Code of Illinois, and the legal decisions of state and federal courts.  

School Mascot  - The Siberian Huskie 

School Colors - Burnt Orange and Navy Blue 

Athletic Affiliation - West Suburban Conference Illinois High School Association 

Accreditation - State of Illinois North Central Association of Colleges & School 


School Spirit 

S - Support our school

P - Pride in our accomplishments

I - Improvement; our goal

R - Respect for each other

I - Integrity; our ideal 

T - Tradition of excellence


Strong school spirit is characterized by: 

  • A sense of belonging among all students, parents, and staff;
  • Widespread student participation in all school activities;
  • Good attendance at school functions by students, teachers, parents, and others;
  • Pride in academic, athletic, and social accomplishments;
  • Reaching high expectations for academic and extracurricular excellence;
  • Understanding and appreciating the rich heritage of accomplishment;
  • Broad acceptance of responsibility to maintain the reputation of the school and the physical appearance of the building and facilities;
  • Respectful decorum in all class and extracurricular activities.


School Hymn 

Grateful praises we sing 
Oak Park High School to you, Strong and clear our song will ring Its cadence firm and true. 
Ever changing, yet the same, Alma Mater’s quest: 
We seek, ever in her name,  
“Those things that are best.” 


The Loyalty Song 

We’re loyal to you Oak Park High. 
We’re orange and blue, Oak Park High. 
We’ll back you to stand against the best in the land, For we know you’ve got sand, Oak Park High! 
Go crashing ahead, Oak Park High! 
Go smash that blockade, Oak Park High! 
Our team is a fame protector, Run, team for we expect A victory from you, Oak Park High!