The Registrar's Office serves students, staff, families and alumni of OPRFHS by performing a wide range of functions relating to student records and academic administration. The Registrar ensures the integrity, accuracy and security of all academic records of current and former students. 

Registrar Services 

Our office provides services related to student registration residency and enrollment, including: 

  • Processing student enrollments (for new, returning and transfer students)
  • Student demographic changes (address, phone numbers, email addresses, guardianship, etc.
  • Certifying students for graduation
  • Processing student withdrawals and transfers to other schools
  • Providing official transcripts for current students and alumni
  • Verifying student attendance
  • Providing education and employment verification for current students and alumni
  • Verifying that students who attend OPRFHS reside within district boundaries on a full-time permanent basis

To contact the Registrar's Office, please email


Withdrawals and Transfers

In accordance with Section 2-3.13 (a) of the Illinois School Code, all public school districts must provide a student transfer form to any student who is moving out of the school district. This form verifies whether that student is in good standing and if his or her medical records are up-to-date and complete. "In good standing" means that the student is not being disciplined by an out-of-school suspension or expulsion, and is currently entitled to attend classes. No public school district is required to admit a new student unless he or she can produce this information from the student’s previous public school. 



Current Students – Current OPRFHS students will submit a Transcript Request Form to your counselor’s secretary for each college or scholarship for which you are applying for. You may pick- up copies of the Transcript Request Form from your counselor’s office. 

Alumni – Former OPRFHS students may request a transcript from the Registrar’s office by emailing or by requesting it on Here . For more information, please visit Transcript Info 


Residency Requirements 

According to the Illinois School Code, every student who attends Oak Park and River Forest High School must reside in Oak Park or River Forest with his or her legal guardian. It is against the law to: 

  • Enroll or attempt to enroll a student on a tuition-free basis when the person enrolling the student knows that the student is not a resident of Oak Park and River Forest High School, District. 200.
  • Knowingly or willfully present to Oak Park and River Forest High School, District 200, any false information regarding the residency of a student for the purpose of enabling the student to attend on a tuition-free basis.

Note: Evidence of these crimes may be turned over to law enforcement authorities, and violations are punishable by up to 30 days in prison and a $500 fine. District 200 will charge tuition beginning on the day the student was enrolled illegally in the District through the time the student is dropped. 


Student Records Policy  -  7:340 

School student records are confidential and information from them shall not be released other than as provided by law. A school student record is any writing or other recorded information concerning a student and by which a student may be identified individually that is maintained by a school or at its direction or by a school employee, regardless of how or where the information is stored, except as provided in state or federal law as summarized below: 

  1. Records kept in a staff member’s sole possession.
  2. Records maintained by law enforcement officers working in the school.
  3. Video and other electronic recordings (including without limitation, electronic recordings made on school buses) that are created in part for law enforcement, security, or safety reasons or purposes. The content of these recordings may become part of a school student record to the extent school officials create, use, and maintain this content, or it becomes available to them by law enforcement officials for disciplinary or special education purposes regarding a particular student.
  4. Any information, either written or oral, received from law enforcement officials concerning a student less than the age of 17 years who has been arrested or taken into custody.
  5. Other exempt records as provided by state or federal law. State and federal law grants students and parents/guardians certain rights, including the right to inspect, copy, and challenge school student records. The information contained in school student records shall be kept current, accurate, clear, and relevant. All information maintained concerning a student receiving special education services shall be directly related to the provision of services to that child. The District may release directory information as permitted by law, but a parent/guardian shall have the right to object to the release of information regarding his or her child. However, the District will comply with an ex parte court order requiring it to permit the U.S. Attorney General or designee to have access to a student’s school records without notice to, or the consent of, the student’s parent/guardian. Upon request, the District discloses school student records without consent to officials of another school district in which a student has enrolled or intends to enroll, as well as to any person as specifically required by State or federal law.

The Superintendent shall fully implement this policy and designate an official records custodian for each school who shall maintain and protect the confidentiality of school student records, inform staff members of this policy, and inform students and their parents/guardians of their rights regarding school student records. 

Education Rights of Homeless Children and Youth 

You have the right to: 

  • Enroll your child in school immediately even without school or medical records;
  • Get help from the district liaison with immunizations and/or medical records;
  • Choose your child’s old school or school closest to where you are living now;
  • Get transportation to school for your child;
  • Dispute enrollment or transportation decisions;
  • Participate in your child’s education.

For help, contact Carmen Lopez, your District 200 Homeless Education Liaison, at 708-434-3260 ( or the Illinois State Board of Education at 800-215-6379.