Prevention and Wellness Coordinator

This School Social Worker position continues to be a vital part of Student Services. This position works both within the entire school via push-in lessons and curriculum regarding prevention and wellness, as well as at the individual student level. 

The PAW promotes and supports students’ academic and social success by providing specialized services such as:

  • Facilitation of the "Project Towards No Drug Abuse" implementation within the Health class curriculum;
  • Facilitation with OPRF and community resources to implement the Marijuana Prevention Communication Campaign;
  • Provide staff development opportunities to faculty and staff in the area of addiction and related issues in their classrooms and throughout the community.  This includes motivational speakers and Red Ribbon presenters;
  • Screening and assessment of students suspected of substance abuse, gambling, internet, gaming, and other addictive behaviors;
  • Referrals for students and families and to community based prevention, intervention, and treatment programs;
  • Provide education and information to the students through maintaining  current and relevant literature and presentations;
  • Consultation with administration on policies and procedure as requested;
  • Counsel and conduct individual, family and group sessions throughout the school day on maintained caseload;
  • Participate in observing classroom behavior and providing feedback, as requested;
  • Behavioral Contracts that are issued due to a substance abuse infraction are seen upon notification and the recommendations are relayed to the referring source as well as the parent and student;
  • Services related to students who violate the co-curricular code of conduct.
Click here to the view the 2018 Illinois Youth Services Report.