Modified Closed Campus

Modified Closed Campus

All freshmen and sophomores must remain on campus for their assigned lunch period for lunch in the South Café.

Juniors and seniors may go off campus for their assigned lunch periods providing…

  • They have parent approval documented in Family Access (instructions are included in this mailing)…

 And… they meet these other conditions: 

  • Have their official picture IDs (no temporary IDs);
  • Have five or fewer tardies in a given 4 ½ week period;
  • Have no more than 1 unexcused period absence in a given 4 ½ week period;
  • Are passing all courses (i.e. no Fs) at the mid-quarter progress reporting or end-of-quarter time;

A student will lose off-campus privileges for the remainder of the quarter if he/she fails to meet any of these conditions.   We will reset the system every 4 ½ weeks (middle and end of each quarter) so that students have the opportunity to regain the privilege if it was lost due to any of the aforementioned conditions.  ALL juniors and seniors who have parent approval documented in Family Access will begin the school year with the off-campus lunch privilege.  

Additionally, any student involved in a specific disciplinary infractions will lose off-campus lunch privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Juniors and seniors who choose to stay at school for their lunch period will eat in the North Café.

The following changes will help us manage the new lunch policy:

  • Students who leave campus for their assigned lunch period must exit and re-enter through the Mall doors by the North Cafeteria ONLY. Students will not be permitted to loiter around the building perimeter during off campus lunch.
  • ID cards, which clearly show the student’s class year and lunch period, will be scanned to ensure the student is, in fact, able to leave.
  • All other entrances will be monitored/sound an alarm if students try to leave during the school day. (This door system will also enhance overall building access and security throughout the school day.)

Disciplinary consequences for leaving campus without authorization ANY PERIOD OF THE DAY include:

  • Saturday Detention.  In addition, juniors and seniors will lose their off-campus privilege for the remainder of the semester. 

More details about our Code of Conduct are available in the Student Handbook which is also posted on the OPRFHS website.

For all students who remain on campus for lunch:

Once the lunch period has started, these options are also available:

  • Students may get a pass from the Student Activities Center lunch monitor to get passes to the following places:
    • Tutoring Center (Room 293)
    • Studio Study Area (Upstairs Balcony Area (Jr/Srs Only)
  • Students may make prior arrangements with -- and get a pass from a teacher/counselor/staff member -- for an appointment.
  • At days and times designated by staff, Student Center and Mall access may also be provided.