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Student Services

Our Student Services division includes our counselors, deans, and social workers. Each student has an assigned counselor, who is part of a Pupil Support Services team, or PSS for short. The primary goal of the PSS team is to help students succeed in school academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. Each PSS team includes the following:

  • Three counselors: Address the academic, career, and social-emotional needs of students. 
  • Dean of students: Works with the student's family, counselor, teachers, and support personnel to assist students with behavioral issues, student conflicts, and any other issues that may interfere with the student's safety and success.
  • School social worker: Provides individual student counseling on a short-term basis and facilitates student support groups.

Pupil Support Services (PSS) Teams

Click below to see the members of each PSS team and their contact information. The prefix for each extension is 708-434-XXXX.

Wellness Workshops

We have instituted monthly wellness days, where team members go into classrooms and complete a lesson on various topics to help improve our students' social-emotional capacity. Click here for more information.

Additional Resources

NOTE: The prefix for each extension listed below is 708-434-XXXX.

Director of Student Services
Kris Johnson

Division Secretary
Gabrielle Van Zant

Enrollment and Registrar Manager
Gabriela Olivera

Carmen Lopez

Prevention and Wellness Coordinator
Ginger Bencola

504 Coordinator
Daniela Lukic Cole
x 3608

Community Outreach Coordinator
Tyrone Garland

Trauma Informed Specialist
Curtis Diggs