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Student Support Groups

Please contact your counselor or social worker for questions or referrals to the groups below. 

  • Beyond the Binary: For students interested in exploring gender identity and gender expression, including transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, bigender, agender, and many other gender identities.  Build connections with others who are also exploring gender.
  • Calm & Cool: For students who want to learn healthy ways to deal with anger and frustration. Explore the origins of anger and how to deal with emotions that are often masked by anger.
  • Changing Families: For students who have parents experiencing separation or divorce. Discuss family, relationships, and stressors. 
  • Courage To Be Me: For students affected by a family member or close friend who is struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Discuss challenges, learn coping strategies, and share encouragement.
  • Expect Respect: For students interested in evaluating their dating relationships, understanding the warning signs of  unhealthy dating relationships, and building healthy dating relationships. Build positive decision-making skills and relationship skills.
  • Girl Talk: For female-identified students interested in increasing their self-esteem and developing a positive self-image. Focus on empowerment.
  • Guy Talk: For male students who have been portrayed as disrespectful to others, may have multiple incidents including suspensions, may have subpar grades, and may be impacted by growing up without a positive male mentor. Focus on empowerment, increasing self-esteem, and developing a positive self-image.
  • Here for You: For students living with a family member who is experiencing a chronic/ long term illness. Leaders in Training: For ninth- and tenth-grade students who want to become positive leaders and role models for their peers. Focus on setting healthy goals, making decisions, managing stress and anger, improving communication, and developing healthy relationships. This group is all about positive choices!
  • Mind Over Matter: For students interested in learning strategies to manage feelings of sadness, anxiousness, and stress. Develop healthy coping skills and overall wellness.
  • Rainbow Support: For students interested in exploring LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, +) identities. Share questions, challenges, and celebrations about coming out to family and friends, deal with bullying and homophobia, dating and relationships, and more.
  • Seasons: For students who have lost a family member or close friend and need support. Learn about the stages and process of grief.
  • We Are Family: For students who are adopted and are interested in exploring identity, family, and relationships.