Theatre/Broadcasting Department

Extra-curricular Activities

There are many different ways students can explore the world of theatre and speech arts. OPRFHS offers these varied activities:

Stage crew: These students support performances on all three stages in the school, as well as providing technical support for outside groups, which use our spaces. This committed group meets every day, building and painting the sets, hanging and programming the lights, setting up and configuring sound equipment, and assembling the props needed for the many shows produced in the Little Theatre, the Main Auditorium and Studio200. For more information, click here.

Props: The Props Crew is actually a subset of Stage Crew (above), composed of students who work with the props master in constructing, painting/refinishing, locating and preparation of the set decoration and props pieces for OPRHFS plays and musicals. Prior experience is not necessary.

Makeup: The Makeup Committee assists the makeup designer in providing makeup assistance for each of the productions in the Little Theatre, Auditorium and Studio200. No previous experience is necessary to join this committee. Because it is not necessary to be on the committee for every show during the year, membership in this activity is very flexible.

Speech team: Here students compete in a variety of speaking events against students from other schools. More information is here.